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BLACK MAMBA has touched down in Manila!!!

By July 13, 2011 , , , ,

Ladies and gentlemen. Prepare for greatness. Yes, Black Mamba is here people! brought to you by Nike.

According to Nike Philippines,  the Black Mamba will be visiting the Nike Park store inBonifacio High Street, The Fort in Taguig City, Wednesday at 2:30PM on July 13. Kobe will also be at the Araneta Coliseum at 5:00PM for the Kobe Manila Tour 2011 main event.

Kobe's last visit was way back in 2009.  Now, Nike Philippines brings back the “Black Mamba”, Kobe Bryant, in Manila. 

Check out his recent pic in Manila as he was coming down from the plane. Photo courtesy of Sherlyn Co.

To all those who missed his last visit. This is your chance. "STEP UP OR LOSE OUT."

I'll see you soon Kobe. Just you wait. :) 

This is mix signing out!

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