DOGGIE LOVE!!! Mercato Centrale goes pet-friendly


Mercato Centrale goes pet-friendly as we launch "Doggie Love" this Sunday (July 3)!

All dog lovers out there! be sure to visit Mercato Centrale this Sunsay, July 3. Bring your dog and join them on some dog-friendly activities!!!

The market will be holding a series of free talks for certified dog lovers to help them take better care of their canine companions. The topic for ‘Doggie Love’ this Sunday will focus on ‘Dog Parenting’, with a talk on ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ by May Felix, a Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) volunteer and beagle breeder, and on ‘Pet Socialization’ by certified canine training and behavior specialist Jojo Isorena, founder of the BetterDog Canine Behavior Center (  

Mercato will also be putting up dog-friendly drink stations, pet toilets and trash dispensers. Admission is free!

Mix signing out!

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