N.O.D. (No Ordinary Duet) deserves a NOD.


With all of the competition in the local music scene, with the singers, trios and groups, coming out here and there how do we really find those who has what we call TALENT?.

Let me share with you something.
I came across this new DUET group. The N.O.D or should i say, No Ordinary Duet.

N.O.D. (No Ordinary Duet) is a new pop-classical fusion duo composed of  strong classically trained male and female voice major graduates who  have enthralled the music-theater industry with their versatility,  rapport and vocal prowess.

Now, they come together to offer a  new sound that is sure to bring the listeners to a different high as  they sing timeless power ballads and pop hits with a classical blend.

Though  they are classically trained, they can sing myriad of songs in  different genres with ease and delight, making them the country's No  Ordinary Duet. 

Check out their Music Video of "Your the Inspiration
Musical Arrangement by Paulo Zarate
Music Video Directed by Dominic Velasco of Imacron
Produced by Bernie Pasamba Music Consultancy

Let me remind you, that Manila currently does not have a DUET GROUP that has a PROPER CLASSICAL TRAINING and a bit of Opera that can sing POP. And get this, Not all classically trained singers can sing POP and vice-versa. But you'll be amazed with this group. N.O.D can do Classical and do POP easily.

The Duet is composed of Marvin Gayramon and Marian Santiago. Both coming from different musical experiences and trainings. Both classically trained and Voice Major graduates, certainly these two can bring a lot to the table, taking listeners to a different high singing timeless,powerful ballads, along with POP music with a classical blend. Currently under the wing of the renowned Mr. BERNIE PASAMBA, who is definitely one of the top in his field. (those who have no idea who he is, visit his site here.)

I tell you guys, you talk about musical talent and versatility? I give you these two. N.O.D.  definitely deserves a NOD. NODoubt, they are the best DUET out there. Now tell me I'm wrong. :) With this kind of talent, i would love to see this group hit it off, and i hope that an album wouldn't be far... i would love to have these two on my cd player, over and over. :).

Hope you can visit and comment on their YouTube Music Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqZg_2pNwzs as the new pop-classical fusion duo collectively known as N.O.D (No Ordinary Duet) sings the Power Ballad "Your The Inspiration"

This is M.I.X signing out!

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