Luckily i am a guy with short hair. I did try growing a longer 'do' even when Korean pop came into the picture way back in 2008. With a wavy hair that is in my genes, i couldn't imagine growing it any further. I had a rough time fixing my short hair then give it and F4 look makes it even harder.
My hair in 2008
I could just imagine the rough time my girlfriend and other women go through everyday and complaining about their hair and becoming their frustration and everyday challenge. I've heard stories about a good and bad hair day and how it messes up the day and life.

We spend so much trying to achieve the perfect straight hair but imagine your hair always being treated, curled, ironed, colored and others hair products. The result? damaged hair. 

Now imagine the life of celebrities and TV personalities who are more prone to these damages. In the case of the beauty queen Ms. Venus Raj, she is no stranger to these treatments as the life of a beauty queen is demanding and is filled with television appearances, photo shoots, and media events, not to mention possible career opportunities. This is what is happening to Venus right now. 

The demands of her blossoming career have entailed her to sport various looks to suit different roles.

But beauty does pay its price. 

Moussa Abdayem, technique trainer and head stylist of Emphasis salon said that “Too much styling, using the curling iron, using the flat iron, rebonding really takes a toll on your hair,”

So once again, Venus turns to Cream Silk for a reliable beauty regimen. The beauty queen says, “Despite the torture to my hair due to over styling, thanks to Cream Silk vitamin treatment, my hair is recharged. Now, I’m happy that I’m back with my beautiful straight hair.”

Mix and Venus signing out!


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