SAVORY CHICKEN in Escolta ~ The Original!

I'm guessing some of you know the restaurant that i am referring to, and we all may have seen the SAVORY restaurants in Malls yeah.. but have you really tried dining at the old SAVORY house in Escolta?  It's all different I tell you.

Savory in Escolta has this old bldg with old interiors and you would definitely feel the history that the resto has been through.
Check out the place.
I didn't have pictures in the second flr. where we stayed, but the place was spacious and had dividers for private functions.
Here are our orders.
(A couple of half chicken. 1 each.)

Gravy and butter

(bread is also part of the meal- No rice ) :)

(we dunk these bad boys to the gravy bowl, oh yes we do)

Birthday noodles
(Err, Birthday Noodles!)

and errr some kind of a beef. :)
(which i didn't pay much attention as i was butterign up my bread) :)

Those were our orders, and here's how you eat the chicken..
The picture below is how to eat it the clean/organized way. No rice, just bread, spread some butter, place the chicken and some gravy. Normally we just dunk the bread and chicken in the the gravy bowl.
You won't even notice that you are gobbling and dunkin one after the other. :)

That is how we eat our Savory Chicken! i still remember when i was still young about 10-14 years old. The place was packed and it was really 'the' destination for great food and chicken experience. I still go there once in a while to get away and just taste the awesomeness out of their chicken.. So i hope you guys can try it out. Do let me know if you have some questions. But i tell you...If oyu are after the good 'ol chicken of the 80's-90's drop by here and see what i mean.

check out more pics below.

Nix signing out! :)

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