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I was not prepared and i wasn't hearing any news on it's release and news prior the revealing, and when i saw what was going down, oh my was i in for a treat. I visited the apple store and to my surprise there it is!
Less than 24 hours ago (if i am not mistaken) Apple just unveiled the newly designed iPad 2 in San Francisco.
What is new you ask? now where to i start?.
watching the March 2 Apple special event. Steve Jobs updated us on the progress of Apple's ibooks, App Store and iPad.
It’s a colorful cover, a perfect way to watch movies and show off photos, and a great typing and surfing stand.

It not that expensive as others might expect on the new version of the iPad, here are some of the features:
- face time (2 cameras)
- iPad Smart cover
- 5x Faster
- 10 hours battery life
- dual core chip
- LED backlit display
- and more!

For faraway friends and family, long-distance relationships, or just for fun, FaceTime for iPad is here. With a tap, you can make video calls from your iPad 2 to someone else’s iPad 2, iPhone 4, new iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi. And be there in person, even when you’re not .
 iPad Smart Cover

FaceTime and video stand - Set up for hands-free video calling — or watching. Just lean iPad against the Smart Cover for a sturdy upright stand. 

Keyboard stand  - The Smart Cover folds into the perfect typing stand. Its magnetic hinge holds iPad in place so you can type quickly and comfortably.

 Another cool thing that the cover does is that it's magnetic that's why it hold up in it's position what ever you'll be doing. One more thing guys, when you close on it, it automatically goes to sleep, open it and it automatically wakes up.

 Thinner, lighter, and full of great ideas.
Once you pick up iPad 2, it’ll be hard to put down. That’s the idea behind the all-new design. It’s 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter, so it feels even more comfortable in your hands.2 And it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books so natural, you might forget there’s incredible technology under your fingers.

iPad is definitely meaner, thinner faster and cooler. It's available on March 11, 2011. So check out your newest apple store or Apple reseller. I can't wait to have one. Christmas maybe far away but maybe a good Santa out there can make my Christmas earlier this year. haha.

check out their site here for more information.

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