I decided to have a photoblog. i know i know, iv'e had enough problems already maintaining my two blogs which is this one, and my audition blog page blog that posts auditions for TV's, plays, commercials, movies, modelling and others. A blog that connects people with connections and access and other dreamers. I hope that this blog can help fellow striving artists, performers, and dreamers out there.  and now my new photo blog But hey, i try... so give me break. :) My initial concept for the blog is for others to give a caption or a title of the pictures posted on the site... but lets just see how t goes. :)

Hopefully you can visit these blogs and suggest on ways on how to improve's,  facts, other events that need promotion, suggestions and other information are all welcome! :)

Here's a sunset i took just a few minutes ago, i was given a head's up by Carlos Celdran via twitter. :) is still new, so as days go by, hopefully i can fill the site with more and better pictures. :)

lazy blogger mix signing out!

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