I owe my craziness to AZRAEL, from when he posted this happy meal of McDonalds - The marvel heroes series. Since the toy collectors seems to be getting the happy meal, and I was like.. hmmmmm maybe i should start collecting toys.. soooo i thought...I must have it!!!! 

I heard that the Hulk is the ONE to get first, a must if I may say :), well last night was the night on how I visited SIX McDonalds in less than an hour, and how got my hulkamania on! oh and my wolf on. Driving Nix home from Mall of Asia To Mindanao Avenue Quezon City, and reaching the McDonalds there i decided to check out the toys since i was near there and i wanted to see what the fuss is about..
Here's the easier breakdown of my night going home from Mindanao Ave. to Manila.

Mindanao Ave. cor Tandang Sora. - (NO HULK, so i bought Wolverine) 
Mindanao Ave. cor. North Ave. infront of Trinoma - NO HULK
West Ave. - NO HULK
Quezon Ave. Near Pantranco & Classmates - NO HULK - i had to make two U-turns for this one.
Quezon Ave. Banawe - NO HULK
España- Morayta - YES HULK!!!!

So that did it, that satisfied my O.C. for the said HULK figurine, good thing most of the McDonalds i went to had drive thrus. :) so there! i got it, now im missing Iron Man and Spidey. :) which they have stocks.. So if you are getting ths set, make sure to get hulk first! :)

check out Az's post on this. here 
so there! here are my two  toys. firsts on my toy collecting attempt :)
i'm definitely Loving the Hulk!
dirty wolf
Wolverine's paint is not that clean, it also had a few smudges.

TIP: when you buy, make sure to check the toy's details/paint, i know you can't open it but try to rotate it, check its sides and arms and legs just to check if all details are painted right. :)

lazy blogger Mix signing out!

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