took a break...

I missed writing imperfect english grammar and basically just missed chatting and sharing...

I took a break.. for about 2 weeks of blogging.. I don't know why.. maybe because i was busy? or a lttle pre-occupied with things... i have not checked this site till now and not much has changed... nobody missed the things that i write about. (drama-king), and so after a few days, i just want to update you guys on this blog. First i wanted to stop blogging... but a few friends told me not to.. and now as i write this..  i just can't stop but chat away.

Anyways, i also took  a break from Facebook, other social networking sites, did not log on to Foursquare, not much mail, less net searching and others.. and now i just try to get my little to start writing again.. so here i am, blabbering away...

anyways, i'll try to update you guys..

this is lazy mix signing out!
Myke Soon

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