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By December 21, 2010 ,

MACHETE Starred by Danny Trejo.
Danny Trejo as Machete  in Machete (2010)

I've been wanting to watch this movie since i saw the trailer... why? I tell you why.. 2 names..
Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodiguez......  yes those two...

oh, and if it amounts to anything Lindsay Lohan (who is nude most of the time in the movie), Steven Segal, Cheech Martin,  Don Johnson and Robert De Niro is also there. So let me get right to the point :)

Machete7769, posters

First up..Jessica Alba

and Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez as Luz in Machete (2010)Michelle Rodriguez - Machete Michelle Rodriguez - Machete
Man, she was smoking hot.

Well, I was curious so i watched it, it wasn't that bad either. for more information on the movie MACHETE. i suggest you guyes visit these links. and

and also check out the trailer here.

I guess my two reasons are enought for you to check out the movie plus a good action kickass-bloody way how people get chopped off and killed. :) hehe

watch it!! it's fresh and something new :)

next up... Black Swan. starred by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.. and some awesome scenes :)
Natalie Portman with white facial makeup, black-winged eye liner around bloodshot red eyes, and a jagged crystal tiara.

lazy blogger mix signing out!

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