That's an ORDER! said my hungry stomach. So when Marvin said that we are heading to ARMY NAVY, his treat.. i was hesitant.. i was like.... what's that? where is that? are we eating sea foods? and since we were in Alabang after Marvin's show (Check post here) and away from Manila, i went with it. 

To my surprise, as i saw its cool design i just can't help but smile..
Now, who wouldn't smile? eh? :)

Big fan of burger and iv'e always been in search of an awesome burger, and luckily that night, my famished tongue and stomach was craving for meat, buns, and everything on it! :)

The ordering frenzy
You can see that the one below is really excited about the burger. lol
one thing amusing in their interior is their signs.


cool signs huh? :) anyways, they ordered the food and i waited and took a couple of shots.

These posters were hanging on the wall i guessed these were their best sellers.

view from my seat.
Finally the food arrived! yeah!

The Burger wasn't good. it was really good!. tasty, great buns, melted cheese and an awesome cooked quarter patty, definitely a quarter Pounder best. :) single patty burger costs 135 pesos only. Additional toppings like cheese and bacon costs you 25 pesos each. but Jalapeño and Sauteed Onion costs an additional 15 pesos. (not bad)

If your not down with the quarter pounder, you can double your patty.
Double quarter pounder burger beef patties costs 185 pesos,
 and the Bully Boy Burger is the one below which coasts 235 pesos only.

Their mission... what a mission.... a mission that is not so impossible.. I WANT THAT BURGER!!!
All of their burgers have natural beef patties, topped with fresh, crispy lettuce, tomato slice & onions, mayo & ketchup on toasted Sesame Seed Kaiser Bun.

next is the the FREEDOM FRIES.
cost 60 pesos only

Freedom Fries is a seasoned, thin-cut, crispy zesty fries. Onion rings is also available for 60 pesos as well.

Last the LIBERTEA.
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea. Regular is 45 pesos and the Large one is 55 pesos only.
which for some reason i forgot to take a picture of it..
I was first to finished my burger, consumed it less than 5 minutes while dumping my hands on the fries and dumping them on ketchup. The food made me feel good. I just love good burgers! :) Good food with good company... what more can i say?
Thom and Tiff
Marvin and Troy

Bridgestone Building, Commerce Avenue, Alabang Muntinlupa City

Check out their site at
and their Facebook fan page here.

Love the food and love the place! i can't believe i missed the one in Harbour Square, Dang it!

 Mix signing out!

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