Miss Resorts World Manila 2010 Coronation Night


29 beautiful women, Hundreds in attendance, 1 amazing stage, 1 crown and 1 woman who embodies the qualities of Resorts World Manila - dynamic, modern, world-class, vibrant and hospitable. After a stringent and grueling search, 29 (originally 30) beautiful and intelligent young women have come through to vie for honor of being the spokesperson of the country’s first integrated tourism destination in the country.
It was a great night for the Crowning of the first Ms. Resorts World Manila, great people with the perfect venue to hold such event.
Iv'e only seen the Newport Performing Arts Theater on the outside and have been wondering how it looked inside, and when i did. i was amazed. To make it short, great seats, fold-able arm rest, big stage, and really state of the art sounds and lights. I was amazed.
Ok, moving on, the show ran a little late than scheduled but nonetheless i didn't mind. It opened with two young kids doing amazing stuffs with their body, not the freaky stuffs but acrobat style and you'd be really amaze on the body strength.

with the picture that i just showed you, tell me you can do that...

The circus acrobatic act was then followed by the parade of the ladies.
along with their introduction after their dance number.
Our hosts for the evening.
Sarah Mier, Borgy Monotoc and i forgot the name of the girl on the right. hope someone can help me out. :)

Next is the swimsuit part.
more pics >>>  here

Here's Gian Magdangal along with some of the cast of KAOS. (pronounced as chaos. it is a classic tale told in one of the grandest production productions ever, unfolding for the first time in the Philippines starting December 1, 2010)

Moving onto the evening gown part.
more pics >>>  here

Just for reference, here are the candidates.
#1  Hadeer Awad
#2  Maxene Mamba
#3  Nicole Kaufman
#4  Fria Tomada
#5  Diana Qeblawi
#6  Roxanne Acosta
#7  Janelle Olafson
#8  Paola Jean Catacutan
#9  Erika Syhong Pan
#10 Maecon Timbol
#11 Sarah Jalani
#12 Katherine Tanqueco
#13 Jaysel Arrozal
#14 Unique Fadul
#15 Anthea Murfet
#16 Jonha Peña
#17 Mary Ann Cummings
#18 Rizza Ramos
#19 Joyce Ann Cruz
#20 Lhen Gamboa
#21 Carol Ty
#22 Jullianne Santos
#23 Lyka Tan
#24 Edlyn Ruizo
#25 Sam Balbin
#26 Wendy Tabusalla
#27 Kristina Jose
#28 Kristi Rognvik
#29 Patrizia Asuncion
whew that was a long list. Here are the list of the special awards/
Best in artistic photoshoot - #4
Best in talent #24
Ms. Congeniality #12
best in swimsuit # 15
people's choice #15
Ms. Photogenic #3
Best in Long gown #26
Ms. Island Rose Queen of Beauty # 5
Ms. Calayan Skin #21

TOP 12 - #'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21 & 26

I also had the privilege to catch a glimpse of the magical and illusion excerpt from KAOS. SITO the white tiger and BETTY the yellow tiger with Enrique Polo.

I was really amazed, i am a fan of Magic and illusion, iv'e seen some ,local performers but watching this kind of illusion i just can't help but bu amazed with how he do it.

Presenting the winners of the Ms. Resorts World 2010.

2nd runner up # 15 
Anthea Murfet (right)
wins 50,000,  plus other freebies

1st runner up #2  
Maxene Mamba (left)
wins 100,000,  plus other freebies

Ms. Resorts World Manila 2010 #26
Wendy Tabusalla (middle)
wins 500,000, employment contract for 1 year,
1 year stay in Maxim's Hotel and other freebies

Yes, it definitely was a great night. Yes it was. Beautiful ladies with an amazing show in an amazing place. Truly, RWM a desirable tourist destination packed with premium entertainment and lifestyle offerings, Resorts World Manila set the bar too high for other lifestyle destination.

Personally, After this night, I fell more in love with Resorts World Manila, with dining, entertainment and shopping rolled into one. What more could you ask for? 

check out their site here. 

This is mix signing out!

more pics >>>  here

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