no, it's not about scoring an easy high grade on you exams. well, it could also mean that, but I'm talking about the movie starred by Emma Stone. EASY A.  Me and Nix decided to catch the movie at Gateway Cineplex the other day.

Just to gve you guys a brief background on the star of the movie, Emma is the hot zombie fighting chick from Zombieland

the nerdy girl from House Bunny 

and also to girl from Superbad

Yes, i think i just found my new celebrity crush.
'Easy A' star Emma Stone flashes her philosophy on life in a scene from the movie.
The movie has a mix of sweets and spice and everything nice. It is the struggle of a good hearted girl in high school, in which one lie led to another and two and three and four lies doesn't make everything right. It is one of the funniest comedies of the year. Emma Stone effortlessly nailed her character in the movie.
The film was witty, funny, fast and weaves into technology, pop culture, high school struggles and other issues which just makes the movie a good one. 
The movie ended in your not so typical high school movies, which is what i'm all for. Emma Stone did a great job in the movie and i couldn't imagine anyone being cast as "Olive" other than her. The movie also had it's nice one liners backed up by Stone's witty acting andremarks. This is also a good break for the Writer Bert V. Royal and the Director Will Gluck. Like what others said in the reviews, this movie makes me want to watch the 2009 movie of Gluck FU - Fired Up.

The movie, specifically the script brilliantly showcased it's aim at an IQ perspective playing with angles of The Scarlet letter and mixing t with the great 80's iconic movies. The movie caught me in the VO and narration parts of the movie, and i was hooked since the start of the movie.
Overall i'd give the movie an Easy A for its originality and wittiness and sharp writing. Emma Stone was brilliant, funny, witty, charming, definitely an awesome performance. A new star is born and we hope to see more of her in the coming months.

this is mix signing out!

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