Yes, traffic. and by that i mean foot traffic at the MRT & LRT.

Some time last week, It was drizzling and instead of getting a cab or FX to go home, we decided to take the MRT & LRT, for the reason that we thought it'd be easier and more convenient that having to endure the traffic on the road when taking the cab or FX. To make it short, we decided to head for the MRT/LRT station in Taft, and to our surprise, this crowd overwhelmed us..

Yes, it may not show there, but there are actually three invisible lanes, we we're in the middle going to the direction of where stored value card holders and where LRT bridgeway is at. The on on the left is are the people going to the other side of EDSA, and some going down also. The one on the right are the ones without the STORED VALUE CARD. come on people, it's just 100 pesos and it will make you life a lot easier in the metro. Did you guys know that the average time per week a Filipino spend waiting in lines just to buy a SINGLE JOURNEY TICKET everyday for 1 week is 101-140 minutes? (TRUE STORY)

Ok, some of you might say that this picture isn't 'that' bad. Well riddle me this, the movement of these people here are like 1.5 sec per step with a really short step. (around 10 inches) believe me. If gave me the feeling that we were moaning for someone, or doing a santa cruzan, or a prusisyon. and the background sound is 'aveee avee aveee marihiyaaaaaa'. yeap that 'IS' the soundtrack for this one. everyone was in slow motion. of all my adult years taking this public transport, it was only then that i saw this kind of frenzy.

again, you might think that this isn't really an issue. here's another one i would like to throw at you. I know that somewhere in the middle there is a guard post, and it is not even used by the guard. why did i mention this? because somewhere in this crowd, people are pickpocketing and molesting other commuters. yes people were shouting. pickpockets were going with the flow back and forth waiting for an opening then BOOM! yes, females were shouting and screaming, they they are being groped, their kid is being squashed, and their belongings being somewhat stolen. whats bad about this is that people were not even concerned, and they really can't be heard by people. it was a really helpless situation. It could have gotten worse. So guards in that area and no security at all.

I call the attention of the MRT management to do something about this. Its been like so many years now and you should have found the formula for this already. Just do something..

Mix signing out!

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