Bean Pole in Blue Wave Macapagal!!!

It's been a while now, and the franchise owners of  TOPS have been telling me about this certain brand from South Korea that is the equivalent of Lacoste here in the Philippines. 

TOPS is Located at The Courtyard Blue Wave Strip Mall at Macapagal Ave.

The Brand he was referring to is Bean Pole..

Short brief backgrounder. (do read on)
Bean Pole is a casual clothing brand of Cheil Industries, a Samsung affiliate that focuses in producing high-quality products along with a high-class image. To enhance brand awareness of Bean Pole abroad, the company has decided to designate Gwyneth Paltrow as their new model. Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow then appeared in a commercial that aims to establish Cheil Industries’ casual-wear brand Bean Pole on a global scale. She is also assigned as the new spokesmodel for the company’s line of clothing. In the endorsement, Paltrow is partnered with Korea-American actor Daniel Henney. Bean Pole executive Won Jong-woon said Paltrow’s elegant and intelligent image and Henney’s mysterious oriental aura were ideal for the brand’s classy image. The company added that it had its eye on the Paltrow amd Henney from the early stages of the casting process.

Check out the commercial of Paltrow with Henney.

Paltrow said she was pleased with the opportunity to get to know Korea better. Cheil Industries said the star was hoping to reveal a new side of herself in the commercial, which will be shot in London. Because of the endorsement made by Gwyneth Paltrow the sales of Bean pole products and clothing apparel noticeably increased. The sales are estimated at KRW 205.6 billion increased by approx. 28% in 2005 compared with previous year. Woman's suit shows the increase in actual sales compared with the same period of previous year. In case casual wear product of the company, the profit on sales increased by approx. 27% compared with the same period of previous year.

Bean pole has been so aggressive the they also got the another star to add to their endorsers.
know him? he's Wentworth Miller– hunky prisoner in the hit TV series Prison Break is the new model for South Korea’s Bean Pole fashion label. Now, this ruggedly handsome 35 year-old is a hit among Koreans .Bean Pole’s brand concept is the contemporary upper-class urban British look. Think Mayfair Street in London, so lots of tailored jackets, tailored pants and the use of tweed. A bit stiff if you ask me, but that is their direction and mission statement. The clothing line targets full-time working professionals as their consumer.

They have Gwyneth Paltrow and pan-Asian Daniel Henney modeling for them too. Well, maybe with the introduction of Miller as their new model, 
Bean Pole will develop a more rugged and trendy image to their "stuffiness".

Very few Filipinos know about this brand, and i must say, they are not that bad. fitted some shirts and long sleeves and then... BAM! looking good baby!! haha lol.

Price ranges are as follows: KRW - Korean wan
Jumpers: KRW 248,000 - 278,000
Jackets:  KRW 298,000 - 398,000
T-shirts:  KRW 138,000- 158,000
V-neck cardigansL KRW 188,000
Korean wan as of today is 0.0387 per peso. and if you do your math correctly, cheapest price of a T-shirt would be  Php 5,340.60. A bit high huh?

Check out their website: The website is mostly in Korean but you get some English words popping out here and there and you will get the gist from those words.

Bean Pole even has Korean celebrities endorsing the brand. They Sandara or should i say "dara" and 
Lower right pic above is the 26 year old Son Dam-bi. and other Korean celebrity endorsers that i don't know. Google the brand and search for the price, the quality and designs are really good. 
By the way, i saw this exact same shirt below at the store and online it cost around php 5,727.60 when converted. i guess I'm buying it then. :) it's just around 1,200 in the store i think.

Come on guys! drop by at Blue Wave and visit TOPS!

Mix signing out!

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