Guess what i got in the mail today..... (by the title you should have guessed it by now)

. nope wrong.

.. try again... are close.....

there! you got it right.. yes.. Robinson's Specialty Stores Inc. sent me a pass. The Sale is on July 2, 2010, Friday, 12noon onwards.  you heard right. a pass! means just one. (i hope not)

Yes, sale for the TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, and DOROTHY PERKINS  items. Invitation said said the it's up to 50% off on Spring/Summer 2010 lines. Plus get 10% off on Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.

So i guess it'll be just like last time when we did shop our asses off, (Me, Nix and Keith) . I think it was July 3. It was like the end of the world for us and was really in a panic buying mode. The stocks last time was not that bad and not that great. One reason why it was was nice is because, before they open it to the public they would have this private sale for some people. Registered, "VIP" (as they say), partners, other friends and other Loyal customers.

(pics are from last years sale)

Their card was working the last time....which means..... yes... swipe them baby! swipe them good! 

Around 6k in total later. we decided to stop. Our pockets and our wallet hurt a little bit. But it was quite worth it, and we were happy with what be bought at the sale. Nix did have fun at Dorothy Perkins than Topshop. me? Topman of-course.

oOoOoOooOo I saw something on top. it said "you and your friends are invited to this year's"  read it? i guess nix, keith & I shall be shopping this day after all. yey! i'ma save up for this. Get ready plastics.. i'm gonna use all four of you! :)  SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE!  BWAHAHA and because of this sale, i think i WILL go to jail. check this link.

Anyways, lets all save up for this sale, hopefully they have good stocks this year. fingers crossed!

Mix signing out!

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