I am going to jail...


Yes i am... i think...

All of a sudden, from the 2 credit cards that i have, now i have four...

errr, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't notice my bill in the first 2 months, then on the 3rd month i will be bankrupt and be selling some appliances from our house, then on the 6th month, some people will be calling me at my house and office, 7th month i shall be in some country by that time. so HSBC and BDO, heads up!

he he, naaaaah just joking (fingers crossed).

but so far, iv'e been a responsible credit card user, iv'e never been billed for the Finance charge, the Mileage program fee, and the annual fee. so i guess we're all good.


catch you all later!

Mix signing out!


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