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I've never been a big shoe fan, i like shoes, but i don't buy them... i appreciate the designs but i don't really take time to look,save and buy them. 

well, i ended up buying this Nike Talache Mid AC Black/Bone because of my GF's brother. Gelo, loves shoes, and pretty much knows a lot about them. limited editions and some that is only release in this country, other countries etc. anyways, with him equipped with the infectious love for shoes, i ended up getting its fever, so i ended up buying this pair, (he got the colored brown and purchased it first, then with no hesitation, i just bought the other color which is this. the black one). pretty happy with it.

At first the shoes hurt my feet, it makes squeaky sounds... maybe because it's new.. but i haven't had a shoe like that since.... i can't remember.  i only buy hi-cut chucks... so this is a new change... a new adjustment on feet.  any ways... check it out.. its kinda nice... i heard from a very reliable source that Philippines has limited stocks of these... stock ran out like hot pancakes..

any ways, below is a review/writeup of the shoe.

Cheers! have a happy weekend!


Black is beautiful and this is once again proven through this sneaker. The Nike Talache Mid AC Black/Bone sneaker follows the Nike Talache model which comes with a notorious appearance. That sneaker was not an easy-to-love sneaker but this time, you wouldn’t be able to say no to this Nike Talache version.

Nike Talache Mid AC Black/Bone
Nike Talache Mid AC Black/Bone

The Nike Talache Mid AC Black/Bone sneaker is a simple black sneaker you will fall in love with at first sight. It comes in an entirely black suede upper. It is covered with an all-black color that you will not be able to see the details easily without looking at it closely.

Even the accent of the sneaker is so simple you will only notice a small yellow lace eyes. Another color that stands out is the light bone vulcanized midsole. The upper part of the sneaker, near the heel part, sports six rubber dots as detail.
The Nike Talache Mid AC Black/Bone sneaker may be in black but surprisingly, it sports a clean look.

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