My Evening with San Miguel, Sandwich and Protein Shake

Beer was overflowing, girls and guys were on their hormonal peak, as the night goes on, Band after band, after band were pouring in, together with the crowd The Courtyard was jam-packed with customers, fans and loyal patrons.

Place was beautifully lit, just right,with green columns and bright LED lights, strobe lights, with a mix of good sounds and good people and great waiters and waitresses all around.

Getting to my point, we had 4 Bands namely, Protein Shake (suprisingly, they are damn good! first time i heard them i think. great live performance), PYT a.k.a pretty young thing. a 3-girl group/band with sexy outfits, sexy voice and sexy moves to top all of it, can be compared to mocha given the right "thing", next is the Jbrothers - the famous group responsible for the "PASAWAY" song. and now, with a touch of comedy, fresh lines, fresh jokes, it wasn't hard to get the customers attention. and finally SANDWICH, ok, so some dont know their music, where they come from and what they do. others don't event know that Sandwich is responsible for some songs they hear on the radio, songs that get stuck into their heads, songs that is often used in some conversation engagements. Moving on.....

it was a good night... Bands we're good, and most importantly beers we're also flowing. Thanks to San Miguel. Anyways, Starting with Protein shake, i heard the name, but i dont now how they play, whats their songs, and what they're good at. surprisingly, they rocked the house. literally! people we're jamming into their covers and people stomp, clap, shout/sing together with Protein shake. singing covers from U2, Guns and roses and LAKLAK from Siakol and many others!

NExt up is PYT, sorry i dont have the pictures to post.. well, the 3 are exceptionally beautiful on stage. im not sure off stage. or without the sexy outfits and makeup, but overall, the crowd enjoyed and had fun.

Well, Sandwich, no introduction needed. We had fun, we all did. it started out slow, to a really great jamming session with the Band. i dont know if they were loaded or something... but the band and the crowd had fun...  songs from their albums we're played. like SUGOD, BETAMAX (ithink), DVDX (ithink). for got the titles. but what i know is they did a cover of ALKOHOL. they also did HULING EL BIMBO and MAGASIN.




imaging that... its like having the eheads back together again. people were singing with the tunes. swaying their hands, their heads. belting the lyrics as loud as they can.

it makes me reflect back in the days. Elementary, High school. i grew up with those kinds of songs... it was memorable..

Overall, it was a great night in BLUE WAVE STRIP MALL MACAPAGAL.  can't wait to have more!

BTW, i managed to get all my courage and come up to the band... I'm not a die hard fan Sandwich or anything, but i just like Raimund when he performs. so here's a pic to make me remember of that night

until my next blog! see you soon...

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Smart Bro Jingle
A modified version of "Sugod" for Smart Communications' wireless internet service.
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Based on "Sugod" song. [1]
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Nominated: Favorite Rock Video - "Sugod" (2007)
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Nominated: Favorite Guest Appearance in a Music Video - Edu Manzano for "DVDX" (2007)