A dance number gone wrong


ok, for some reason my first post was not posted here... hmmmm

any ways, what a better way to start up a blog with the recent/old/new to others news of anne curtis showing the RIPPLE (replace r with n please)

ok, so im sure most of you people heard what happened with Ms. Curtis and her dance number in Bora a few days back. yes, we all love her or ok, maybe most of us love her, we love watching her and seeing her in some glossy paper/magazine, and then this thing happened..

.. and i wonder.. hmmm why the big buzz??? da hell.... and i heard that the ripple (get it?) effect it caused is that some websites are being fined, others are being closed down and reported because of that video and some pics.... da hell again.. what kind of crap are we in to? I also heard that abs cbn payed some known websites bigbucks not to share the said pics and vids. (like they can stop people from uploading and sharing it) The more they try to stop it, the more it will spread.

yes, we are sorry fans we're taking videos and got more than just a dance number... yes we are sorry that the world-wide-web is so complex that they cant stop the spread of it.. but is just a freakin nipple. get over it. move on people.

and the news people are feeding the people with curiosity which hypes it even more.... anything for an exclusive cover and good ratings... oh well, there's your philippines.

dont worry, i am doing my part of not spreading the plague that causes other websites to shut down..

and yes people.. i DO NOT have it.. ok? i dont! so stop begging me and emailing me and messaging me and asking for a copy. because i dont... ok?


and with that i leave you pictures of young beautiful people from the kapamilya network.