Lately, life has been busy throwing things around at Nix and I, and some of it are work, exhausted bo... Guess what i got in the mail today..... (by the title you should have guessed it by now) . nope wro... AMAZING isn't it? The sculpture “What You see Might Not Be Real,” by Chen Wenling, was displaye... Yes i am... i think... All of a sudden, from the 2 credit cards that i have, now i have four... ... Just a few funny comics i saw on the net... GO! grandmama, show em. haha I wonder what will happen... Glasses changes your personality. It's true. Trust me on this...  and just to prove my point..... Yes,she is still up for the fight. hehe  She is sad because i think she knows that today was the procla... hmmm where do i start... At first i was kinda sad coz i wouldn't be attending the said event, but ... Sorry, i laid low for a while. Blog, Twitter and Facebook. :) maybe i got tired or i didn't really... This post might be offensive to some closed-minded Manila Bulletin said " All systems go ... Greetings beer drinkers!!! Yes, your luck has changed for the better, and even before y...



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